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Maybe this helps:Attachment 49798
Miri and Husic train pretty bad,but half of my squad would benefit from training.The big problem is that I want the title.I either win a trophy or prepare my squad for promotion to compeate for next season's CL and League. . If I decide too late,I might end up promoting from 4th,5th,6th,7th place.
PS:Forgot to mention,all 4 youngsters are fast trainers that cost 104M,maximum price for level 16
Since a fastest training 18 yo will gain the following purely from training their 40% condition a day:
5* = 2.6sp
6* = 1.9sp
7* = 1.3sp

Up an age range (for training purposes) and they drop by around 33%. ofc add in any packs, MoM and there's the %age condition they currently have.

You can work out how much each will gain on average over the next 9 days but this is too forensic. Go with your gut - will tanking really make a difference?

The reason I said it depends on the table position and fixtures is exactly for the reasons you gave. Its for you to estimate when the critical point is.

The more you gain the ****tier your cup will be so you'll be doing this purely for league gain - and you might get a crappy draw again.

If it was me I'd play on. But you seem to know all the relevant stuff to decide.