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Thread: Cinematrixx & Filesfetcher

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    Cinematrixx & Filesfetcher

    This was very very wrong and bad on your side! I signed in both sites and filled my details including credit card details. I was expecting to receive 40,50 tokens for each of the sites, but non of them was received. There was a text that tokens will be received with delay of 15 minutes. OK, but I waited 2 hours and NO TOKENS was received. So how I can turn this into fair deal? And yes, after 2 hours I canceled my subscriptions because it's a COMPLETELY FRAUD!

    Congrats for losing paying user with at least 100usd per month.

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    if you have issues with offers you completed, you should contact first the Support of the offer provider.

    This is only the Forum, we cannot fix anything from here.
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