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Thread: Special SKills

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    Cristiano Ronaldo in 8 games scored 9 goals
    Félix de Carlos in 7 games scored 2 goals(1 from penalty)

    By the way..Félix made 2 assists tonight
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    With respect to triple role players and special skills...

    Palace Casuals' 'Flying Wingers', both bought together off the Scout list at the beginning of Season 22 (now in Season 25):

    Special SKills-pc-omar-hansen.jpgSpecial SKills-pc-johan-shaqiri.jpg

    Hansen will play in all three positions, Shaqiri does not like DMR. I use them mostly as AML and AMR.

    Current career figures:
    Hansen 126 matches, 67 goals, 19 assists. In his first season, 70% of his goals were direct free-kicks, now down to about 45%, but he is making more crosses from free-kicks nowadays, the assists is growing.

    Shaqiri 131 matches, 28 goals, 47 assists. Almost all the assists are corners...

    What is interesting is the number of goals "Hansen, assist Shaqiri", or "Shaqiri, assist Hansen" there has been over the past three seasons.

    Another triple role player in the Casuals squad:
    Special SKills-pc-vincente-ndjengue.jpg

    Bought in the last week of season 22 to cover long-term injury to the then-current AMC. Will play in all three positions, but very much an 'off the bench' player, so is used when either Hansen or Shaqiri are injured, or aren't cutting it in a match, or as AMC when a formation other than 4-5-1V/3-5-2V isn't used.

    Career stats:
    Ndjengue 31 matches, 6 goals, 8 assists (corners).
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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