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Thread: tackling style

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    Yes, red packs I mean...
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    Well for once i had a diff experience. I set my tackling to hard at season start and kept it until now. What it influences? Not much the ball possession, but more likely you gain getbacks. You have a better chanche of breaking opposing ball possession and counters, at the risk of getting cards. Fine enough, in all my season (league + Cup) all i got was 1 red card (the sub i set wasn't made before my guy got a second yellow). Ofc if you don't plan to follow most of your games, you shouldn't use it. Altho whenever one of my pals gets a card i usually sub him unless it's a star player (in which case i set tackle to normal). So far never had an injury on my player whith a foul done, but i reckon i broke few of my opponent's legs lol.

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