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Thread: No players for sale

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    I am only at level 28, but i know there are five levels above me for sure (ssn 30 and Cup opps have been three levels above before I miss promotion) I haven't had empty TL yet but sometimes it is not so many.

    I think too that there should be more generated at higher levels.
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    I imagine in high level when a good player appears at list >>> (it's) MADNESS, bidding wars, casualties (not the lame punk band )

    so if you get a 4* young talent you should(?) sign him and you spend 21-24 tokens "only" rather than getting into a token gangbang?

    edit: of course you can sign from nego list but if you are top on your level that would be really hard not to mention if you want buy from a "clever manager" who knows whats your ~~possibilities on your level he/she could set a high token/price combo with a virtually note -> think it about buddy: bidding war or an expensive U18 or my player who sitting on "almost expensive" range
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