Hi everyone,

I'm curious to know how to manage my team in the next offseason and I am sure that many managers are in a comparable situation with the quality-based league and Cup draws.

I overhauled my squad with young players at the beginning of the season, having waited until Day 3 to keep the quality level down before the league draw.

Today, almost everybody in my team currently is five stars. Two are scouts. About a third of the team will be 19 and 20 in the next season and the youngest have the most upside. They will lose a star early on, but quickly regain it with their fast training. There is just no way I will unload these guys after the season as I count on them to keep rising and be competitive.

I also have a few players in their mid-20s who are likely to remain useful next season.

That should be a problem with the current draw formula. If I try to save my skill points for later, T11 eventually attributes them to players without permission. But if I don't keep my average quality down, Nordeus will send me into a very tough league.

What would you do if you were me? Would you pick up bad players on the transfer market to "round down" the squad?