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Thread: Newbie training

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    Newbie training

    First post here. Been on the game constantly since joining a little over a week ago. Brought my team from mid table to 14 pts clear at the top. Feels pretty good! I'm looking forward to next season, and I have a question for the forum.

    What sort of training do/did you do at the newbie level? I can't buy rests and my gym generates them slowly. So what I've been doing is training once maybe twice a day with enough recovery time before the next game (usually 12 hrs).

    Is there anything else I could be doing?

    Thanks in advance! Hope to see some of in the Cup or Champs League!
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    I generally don't do any training to any of my players that play 2 matches a day, yes you will play 2 matches a day if your involved in all 3 competitions. And put my main teams on rest, then with the other players that didn't play or made subs I train until they are down to around 60% condition meaning the next days fixture my squad is anywhere between 90-99% condition and ready to play 2 competitive games in that day, I would use green boosters for 2 reasons, when you have important game and to conduct some power training.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to have to get a rotation down for next season then! I like that a lot actually because I'll be able to save up packs to power train.

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    I've always timed my training so that my players will have roughly 99% condition for the next match. If your next opponent is weak, you can go just below 99%, but if he's strong, then sacrifice 1-3% on each player to have them all at 99%. Subs can always go just under 99% though.
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