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Thread: Where did the players go?!

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    Where did the players go?!

    I checked the transfermarket and a whole lot of classy players were for sale.

    I am level 11 and my most expensive player is about $40m. When i looked, there were maybe 15 players above value $40m.

    I bookmarked 4 players and then logged out for 5 min. When i logged in again, all other players than the players i bookmarked was gone and "replaced" by regular auction-players from real people.

    How is this and are there any way to prevent it/get the players "back" again?

    I suspect there are a lot of different transfermarkets, and when i logged out and reconnected, i was thrown into a new transfermarket.

    Does anybody know anything about this?

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    yes, the TM is changing, refreshing so the same you must do if not finding the players you want.
    It's good that you set those players in your favorite list or else you could loose them also.
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    It's not a "new" market, it's just when there are more for sale than can be displayed you only see part of the list and have to refresh to see more. Just like if you leave the screen open for a long time the players disappear to nothing and again refreshing brings a list.

    When you get the magic list of good players... favorite as many as you can and don't refresh the page.
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