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Thread: Won champions league, but not qualified?

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    Won champions league, but not qualified?

    Hola! Last season i won champions league, but this season I'm not qualified? I've won three times in a row now, but i don't see that that can have anything to do with it..

    Any ideas why?
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    You have to finish on 1-4 to play in CL next season
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    This is something that needs addressing in my view. I also won the CL but finished 7th so cannot defend the trophy. Whilst I appreciate the variables that would be needed to add that extra team, surely there must be some way of writing it into the program so that there is maybe a playoff round prior to group stage that could be played on Day 1.

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    The Champions League is like the playoffs in American sports. Out here, we play the regular season and then the best teams advance to the playoffs. Frequently the teams that make the playoffs or even win it all fail to make the playoffs the following season. The Champions League functions the same way: you can win the Champions League this season, but if you fail to do well enough in your league, you will miss out next season.
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    yes it is more like postseason in a way than RL CL, but I (yeah ok maybe is selfish ) would love if CL champ got berth automatically.
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