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    forum topics

    I dont know if someone has suggested this before buttttt.....

    I would create a new sub-forum of formations. I know there are many combos but at least the general thread wont be flooded with threads asking for formation help

    -------->5 defenders
    -------->4 defenders

    and so on.

    I see so many threads on formations it makes sense to have its own sub-forum. I know you have tactics, but I think it should be VERY obvious since many many people dont take the time to search first.

    It would make sense because then you just go to the specific thread for that flavour of formation and get your answers and discuss tactics based on that formation.

    I know there is a table pinned to the top of the thread, but it seems that many people dont bother with it.
    It is obvious, but not OBVIOUS, if you know what i mean.

    Any thoughts?

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    I would create a 'Formations and Tactics' section for the forum, but this is down to the Admins at the end of the day, There used to be a Formations and Tactics section in the old forum which got disbanded in November 2012 and was closed at the end of February 2013.

    It would keep all those people asking for formations out of the General section. When I first saw this new forum I wasn't fan of 'Tutorials and Guides'
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