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Thread: squad rotation and forwards

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    squad rotation and forwards

    It is pretty much impossible to play your starting XI more then once a day! Every game I need to rotate almost my entire team and add a couple of greens. The higher you go in levels are players conditions effected more?


    Is it harder for Forwards to score goals the higher you go up in levels? I've 4 5* strikers and none of them are very good! My goals come from mostly come from midfield or my RW.

    I don't think I've had a goal scoring striker now for 3 seasons?

    I'm in my 7th season now!

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    with regard to player`s condition Nordeus have changed it for the worse, you`l need to go to either Bugs and tech issue forum and read -
    Players Condition - NEW or go too New`s an announcement forum and read - Players Losing Condition

    on the striker`s front that`s because i`v signed them

    squad rotation and forwards-screenshot-2015-09-01-9.40.12-pm.png

    squad rotation and forwards-screenshot-2015-09-01-9.39.56-pm.png
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    I have a similar ST issue.. I think it's just a slump for my guy, my wingers have been the goal makers and the ST a couple assists.. next season maybe he will get back to his scoring ways. Hope so, anyway. His ratings are still fair to middling so as long as the team keeps winning I am going to keep 'em. Is your guy assisting or getting decent ratings?

    Yeah the condition thing blows. Please add your thoughts where spornybol indicated: or
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    I've gone with 4 forwards this season instead of my usual 3. I have used a striker twice in 1 day (3 matches) without his form plummetting. I've been using more setups with AML AMR ST as the penalty of going man to man high offside trap is way too much on my squad. If the game wants us to play counter attacking like Mourinho, sobeit.

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    All my teams have three similar-quality strikers and they are rotated through each match. They're not the biggest scorers on the planet but they keep their morale and condition up well, saving me blue and green packs...

    Having seen what can be done with strikers, I'm trying to get the same situation with other positions, such as MC and DC...
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    i'm always rotating through every game with every position. And still i can't save greens. Blues are fine as I am winning and the squad is quite happy.

    I have written on that post like you said Cat.