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Thread: Ultra defensive strategy

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    Ultra defensive strategy

    Has anyone tried a successful ultra defensive strategy and got 0-0's or 1-0 wins most of the season?

    There were occasions during a game when I switched to hard defending to defend a lead and then my team ended up scoring.
    This got me thinking that it must be possible to make this more extreme 5 at the back two defensive midfielders and man marking (it says it improves defence) and using high pressing to get more possession to prevent the opposition getting at your defence.

    Obviously this would require maximum condition prior to a game.

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    I didn't try to go with a hard defense style in a whole season but even when I set this to get a 0-0 in a 2nd leg of a CH.L./CUP failed.
    Most of the times I won (and some times lost). I think it's about the defense/counter attack order, which can lead to a goal if you have good players.
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    I started off the season playing a defensive formation only for like the first 7-8 games and won almost all of them.

    I started losing to teams that were lower quality so I switched back to an attack formation. It really just depends who i'm up against.

    Forced Counter attacks with the long passes.