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Thread: Whats this? Why did i lost this game

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    Whats this? Why did i lost this game

    Hi everybody,
    i have lost this game - please try to discribe this for me.

    Whats this? Why did i lost this game-highlight.jpgWhats this? Why did i lost this game-statistc.jpg

    thanks and regards!
    i dont understand this

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    Cause numbers are not always the most immportant thing.. I know it sucks losing like this.. personally it never happaned to me to lose 4:0 with those statistics.. but i had some 1:0 and 2:0 that none could ever explain by looking at the numbers..
    Too bad this happenes in the cup..

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    The two formations might help us explain
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    Thanks but this is his team - he did not set every position.

    Attachment 54094

    in this game all position were set automaticly
    Attachment 54095

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    and now? do you know how and why?

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    Troll result happens. We have seen many of them. I have had games where I had 20 shots with 12 on goal and didn't score. The advisary got one chance and bam, wins the game with 1-0 with 5 shots and 1 on goal. My team 10Q better (2 stars) and better form or something like that. It is statistics and sometimes it happens. Use the vent thread for this.

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    Sometimes is it just luck -.-

    It's like in real life. Bayern M√ľnchen against a 3. League team - Bayern with dozens of chances etc.etc and the team from the 3.League has one chance and Bam, they win luckily. After the game the will go to the next bar and drink for their luck and win against a big potato until next morning ;-)

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    it's a roll dice game

    and sometimes beginning the league you cant win and you get bad ratings

    after playing a couple of matches (7/8) its going a little bit better and after 13 matches you get the wins

    Its a fun game but nothing to do with football filosofie

    See al the topics on the forum

    maybe also the problem with those implements of updates at the beginning of every season

    also very annoying (sometimes new bugs and glitches)
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