Hi Top Eleven. I'm sorry if this post is in a wrong session. The thing is I once had a team connected with my facebook account on my Android device. But recently, my kid brother formatted my phone but did not let me know. He knew I love this game so he decided to act without thinking. So he went ahead to re-install the game and signed in as guest - since he did not know my facebook password, but he knew my Top Eleven details like the name of my club and formation.

The first time I tried playing I didn't even really notice all the changes. Cos I'm a kinda busy person so I give him the phone to play on my behalf if I was not going to be around for a match. So when I saw different names on my squad I thought he had bought new players. But then I discovered that I was no longer connected to facebook. At first I thought it just my network issue, but then I noticed I was back to level 2 from 3. It was then my brother opened up to me. So when I tried to connect to facebook, I had a notification that a team had already been associated with that facebook account. So if I signed in, I'll be discarding my current team and get my old team back.

The truth is, I really love this new team. I don't even mind if I'm back at level 2. So I wanted to know if there is any way I can connect my new team to facebook without having to go back to the old team.