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Thread: Stadium and talents

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    Stadium and talents

    First of all. I'm shocked, that I need to pay for a young player of my own U21, where I was waiting for it 28 days, 18 Token?!? Wtf
    @ Nordeus : This must be change!!

    Another question for the stadium: I have the stadium on level 3 now, and the surrounding, like green, light, seats etc on zero. If I built them up to level 1 each and later I upgrade my stadium to level 4, are those surrounding still on 1 or are they back to zero?

    Thanks for helping already

    Best regards

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    All the components of your stadium area jump from one level to another. And stick to it unless you invest again in them. But when your stadium needs to improve from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and so on, the others jump more rapidly (4 to 7 for instance). You just need to improve every component in order to be able to raise your stadium capacity. If you do not improve your youth academy (for instance) you won't be able to improve the rest at some point.