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Thread: poor performances

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    poor performances

    Over the past season and a half we have had really poor performances and results which seems to coincide with the live animation and assistant and loss of condition when using high press/man marking. I have done some testing and permance improves if we use high press/man marking but then the assistant tells me players will tire if I use for whole match? Then I am thinking maybe Nordeus just want me to but tokens so are trolling me! Also I have noticed we sheen to get caught offside a hell of a lot and hit the post loads any way to improve this?
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    I cannot really help but share my opinions. In last few seasons, my teams did not very poorly play, but they played very inconsistently especially in all 1st half seasons. But my teams usually finish strongly and climbed up to at least top 5 in league. I believe that a stable formation and startup players can help improving performances. In last season, because of difficulties in purchasing new players, my squad is even more stable. Eventually both my teams had its best performances in many years.

    I just insist not paying (Hope Nordeus don't notice this) and only get a few tokens or packs through watching videos if it is convenient to me.
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    In lvl 14, have 2 ST of scout quality (93) against a highest lvl rating of 89.... But both ST are not able to score.... Even assist....

    With a heavy heart, selling both scouts....

    Done with wasting tokens....

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    I totally agree with cookizzz, having a stable first team helps alot as opposed to switching players around every match. I also try and stick to 1 formation but if a manager tries to counter it then I switch my formation but at the same time, try and use my first team. It is a bit difficult to stick to 1 team and 1 formation due to injuries and suspensions. When it comes to using the assistant, I tell him to take a seat, I should charge him for a ticket! Try my best to keep playing the desktop version.
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    I`m with Cookizzz my player`s are slow at start but finish strong this season is a little better than normal but if 2nd season happens like it normally does i should be challenging for top spot if i stay on leaders tail
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