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Thread: Nordeus must love this guy so much!!

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    Nordeus must love this guy so much!!

    Who the help is he?
    I met this guy in Champions league Finale, and i lost, then lucky enough i met him again in 1st round of Cup, i lost too. But it's ok, how can i have a chance to win against this Son of Nordeus

    Why Nordeus loves him?

    Nordeus must love this guy so much!!-son-nordeus.jpg

    If he's a smart token spender, i wouldnt mention. But he's crazy token spender.

    1. He's level 3 now, he buys 5 scout players at the start of every season, and when he loses or draws a match, there is a chance that he will buy more (!!) So every month he contributes at least 300 tokens for Lord Nordeus.

    2. Then he sells his old scout players, not at the end of the old season, but at the start of new one, he created big big bid wars among managers who wants players with decent price, special ability, etc.. I know this because i am his friend. This way, he contributes at least 50 tokens to Nordeus every month.

    3. His favourite special ability is... Penalty Kick Specialist, I dont know if this guy even know what is that SA but he's bought A LOT of scout players with that SA.

    4. His stadium, well, of course beyond compare, he used a lot of tokens to speed up progress, haha, Nordeus loves this.

    5. He never changes his formation and never shows up in live match ( i played with him 3 times, and regularly check his profile so i know) He believes that as long as real money is invested, he can win everything, which is undoubtedly true especially in this game.

    6. But why this system hates me so much , it arranged me with this guy twice, took away from me 1 champion league tittle and a lot of Cup matches which will give me a lot of cash !!


    I want more players like this to appear, this may lead to a less greedy Nordeus and we - non spenders can feel easier to struggle in this game.
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    3-1-4-2 usually works vs that formation. start there. attacking down flanks.

    4-5-1 Vstyle might work too if you prefer a more defensive formation.

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    Well my team looks like that at the end of the season but most of them are young fast trainers who can last 3 more seasons or so. Spending tokens on scouts is ok. I faced teams like that. Even with the good young fast trainers with SA I had a hard time beating them but I accepted that. I am not going to invest that much money in this game. If somebody does that, good for him. let him enjoy his enormous advantage. I just try to learn from the games against people like that.
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