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    I'm and two my friends began to play Top Eleven 1 year ago.
    We have 12 level manager.

    I won last year: League and the Champions League. Of Cup flew early in the tournament. Average team rating of 74,7 stars
    My first friend won League, Cup and took 2nd place in the Champions League. Average team rating of 74,9 stars
    My second friend won League and took 2nd place in the Champions League. Average team rating of 74,3 stars

    Our skill of the game equal, right?


    Why is the transition to the new league rivals gave me two teams with an average rating of 84.5 Stars????? And the rest of the teams with an average rating of 73-76!!!! My rating during calculation was 72.3 stars! Explain to me how a team with a rating of 72.3 may contenders have got two teams level of 84.5 ????? By the way, each player in their car has a skill. How do I play against them, that kind of nonsense?

    The funny thing is that my friends went to rivals, the best of which are 73.6 Stars! 73.6 is the best team in the championship, against which my friends would play on the field. But I have some reason to 84.5!

    tell me why ??? I do not want to play this game !!!
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    Relax, take a breath. Sometimes you get easy leagues sometimes you get hard leagues. My main team is in a league of death. I have a very good team with a lot of 6 and 7 star players and I am mediocre. Season before that I was by far the best team in the league. Enjoy the challenge, learn from defeats if they occur and improve. Whining will not help.
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    I'm in a league where my team is the highest rated, but i've lost several consecutive games. I'm being punished for buying players.

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    Sometime players need time to adjust to new squads/formations especially if you haven't been training them together.

    and @ OP, quit stressing and just do your best, you can't win them all, beating higher Q teams is far more satisfying than 12-0 routs.
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