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Thread: 44.4 vs 34 quality team 1:4???

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    44.4 vs 34 quality team 1:4???

    LV 5, again, this is a a stupid game! 44.4 quality and first team are all 6 star (one 7star) and lost to a team only have one 6 star, 2 five star and then all 3 to 4 star!!!

    a three star player is running faster than any of 6 star player~ how can this happen??

    this is the fourth time so far in this season!!! and my team even lost to those who didn't play (no first 11 shown) team~

    how this stupid system calculate??? speed 30 run way faster than a 45 or even 50!!!! wtf??
    so, what is the point to spend time and token on player???
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    I think forum members may give you suggestions if you can provides screen shots of matches as well as your squad selection, stat, etc. Probably, there is weakness in your team.

    I would like reminding that basically we actually search for the best performing players rather than the best quality players to ensure team success. Besides, in close matches, counter formation may also be important. You should respect strong team which are not good in quality comparing with your team. Keep calm and you still have good chance to defeat them.

    I am sorry that I do not buy token and so I cannot advise in your angle.