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Thread: Good news on injuries

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    Good news on injuries

    for those still working the navigation of pages below was posted in Top Eleven Announcement`s

    Game Improvement: Reduced Injuries
    Hi Managers!

    We know a lot of you are not happy with the number of injuries that can sometimes impacts negatively the experience. Although we believe a lot of those injuries could be avoided if a different management style was used (e.g. do not over-train players, do not leave tired players on the pitch, etc.), we also think there is some room for improvement on our side. Thus, we decided to tackle this issue and, from now on:

    - Scout players will not be injured for some period of time after they were signed
    - Players will not get injured in the few days following their last injury
    - It won't be possible to have more than one injury per team during the same live match

    We hope those changes will make you enjoy Top Eleven even more

    Level up!

    Fredi on behalf of the Top Eleven Team
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    Yeah...? I suppose they didn't take into account previous history. I had my Scout (bought in the beginning of the season) injured yesterday, used health packs and in my game today he got injured again!

    Maybe I was unlucky...

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    - Players will not get injured in the few days following their last injury


    I only power train one player at the start of every season - reading that I assume once my player gets injured via power training once, then I can power train him for the rest of the day without him getting injured again. In theory, if this is the case that will be brilliant as it means I won't have to store tons of Reds to keep healing him, I would just need 15 (at most) to fix him.

    Also means if you want to power train a player, wait until he has been injured in a game then do it after he has been fixed, as that would mean no more reds.

    I somehow think Nordeus won't be completely accurate in the not injured again claim.

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    Appreciate Nordeus listened to voices of some managers.

    This is a major change near the end of the season. These are important days for some managers. They have to adapt to these changes, including those managers who have players just suffered long term injuries right before this change.

    For those who want the game to be more "realistic", they should not be happy since all changes are not realistic. I don't rule out that these changes are good to be game. But they are not realistic. Simply reducing injury rate is more realistic.

    I don't think these changes are too bad. These changes are not very relevant to my teams. I don't use scout players. I don't think the injury rate is high enough to annoy me. I think I manage my red packs good enough to handle serious injury storm including one at the beginning of this season.

    I always think implementing major changes in middle of season or around important match days are reasonable. Actually I don't think this is acceptable.

    But the timing of this change implementation is fine for me. There are just several days left to complete this season.

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    Some of what they claim is bull. I always have my first team have 99% fitness and superb morale and I still get injuries.

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    Unhappy :/

    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    - Players will not get injured in the few days following their last injury
    Mmm, my ST got 2 injuries in a row, he recovered from an injury and the next match i put him in the starter 11 he got an injury again

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    The last 2 will benefit us a lot. Well, the first one is designed to sell more scout for sure. One day I hope that there will be a 16 and 17 years old player to sign or we'll be able to raise them
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    I hope this is true, getting 3 injuries in 1 game isn't much fun, but like said above it could be good for power training if it works like that.
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