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Thread: Being screwed over at the ultimate moment........

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    Being screwed over at the ultimate moment........

    Being screwed over at the ultimate moment........-screwed-over-top-eleven.jpg

    I tried placing a bid on a player, that instrested after being entered into the knockout round. I then could not get my bid in because after it said "placing bid", i had lost the round. I would like my token back please as i think this is unfair and i really need to save up my tokens for the higher levels. I know 1 token may not seem like much, but i just feel justice as i have had a tough time with winning auctions in this transfer market and it really does not help when stuff like this.

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    did you place your bid at the last second
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    get scammed, newb
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    Doesn't always work but I set myself a target when bidding against last second bidders.

    I bid the first few seconds into each round and when I feel I've bid enough I'll last second bid them. Sometimes it works.

    I don't understand why people bid last second when it's just the two of us and I've already bid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    did you place your bid at the last second
    This thing always happen..the clock even jump from 4 seconds left to 0...and you can loose your bidding anytime...some bug need to be fixed or pre-determined factor set from T11...
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