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Thread: problem with the game

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    problem with the game

    I took 8th place in League and expected to remain at the same League level but was moved to higher league level. Please advise why

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    Because when there is uneven draw they do that. It is described in game rules
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    It's like having only 7 teams left to form the last Level leagues.. what they do is pick another 7 guys that finished 8th and place them in a higher level to complete the numbers to 14.

    ex: Lv 30 had 15 different leagues and a total of 210 teams, 105 of them were meant to be promoted..
    As you could simply calculate thats 105:14 = 7.5.. now that's 7 full leagues of 14 teams and 1 league with only 7 teams in, they randomlly
    select another 7 teams that finish 8th(from their previouse 15 leagues) to fill up the 8th league.

    This happened to me few times but i was actually happy about it cause it was on an alt team, wasn't trying to tank a season..the competition was just hard enough ..
    Anyhow if your trying to tank, always look for 10th or below that... can't go wrong.
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