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Thread: How do you buy players...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomy31 View Post
    How do you buy players?
    I explain : i need goalkeeper and defensive players but on transfer list only 3/4 players sometimes and bad players, i am level 36.
    I buy a scout player 49 tokens but with notes 6/6/7/6.... Grrrrrrr 49 tokens for nothing, not normal!!!
    There is negociations but players don t have good notes, so how can i do for buy good players ????????
    Buy older players.
    I got this guy for one token last night, 2 skill points off Scout.
    Put a bid in with 2 hours left and he was my player when i logged in this morning.
    I'll need to get rid of one of my youth players to make room, but that's no problem.
    How do you buy players...-old.jpg
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    why older player play they good also is het not better young players fast trainers

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