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Thread: Star ratings

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    Star ratings

    How do the star ratings work on players? I'm just overall confused because I've seen people say here that you lose a star from each player when you get promoted, but Idk if that's true. Explain plz and thx

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    Absolute values of qualities of players are represented in figures while relative qualities are represented by stars.

    In level 1, qualities between 15&19 are 4 star, qualities between 20 & 24 are 5 star, and so on. Players with 5 stars are the highest quality ones can be found in market. In level 2, qualities between 15 & 19 become 3 star, qualities between 20 & 24 become 5 star, and now 5 star are 25 to 29. This also reflect the highest quality of player can be found in market.

    A players with quality 24 in level is a 5 star player. After season day star, his quality is still 24 but he become a 4 star player. He does not lose qualities. But his relative quality is now lower comparing with players in pool of level 2.