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Thread: Are scout players worth it?

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    Are scout players worth it?

    I am wondering whether or not I should buy a scout player for aroun 50 tokens. Would you recommend it or not and why. Thanks!

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    They can be hit or miss.

    I had a scout keeper who was poor so I replaced him. I got a striker who didn't hit form until the next season

    My best player I get from recommended by assistant. A AMR/ST with corner ability.

    I would suggest looking for fast trainers and use green packs.

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    Our folks are very nice to new comers so they are all correct. In terms of scout players, this is a mystery forever; trust me that after you play for 20 seasons you might still question: is it worthy?

    Well, can I give you a stupid but very sincere suggestion? Look at your team and find out if you really need one player who must be there to make your team complete. If the answer is yes then ok go to the scout list and choose the one you need. Now here is what I suggest: he must be no older than 24 years old, otherwise he will be too old to stay for a few seasons; he must be only one point to 7 stars, i.e, if you see a scout player who is not X4 or X9, please be careful, he might not be good; then check the price, choose an expensive one, because that will allow him to be trained a bit faster than others - now please note that I meant faster than other scout players in the scout list, not other fast trainers because all scout players are actually slow trainers.

    These are all I want to say about scout players. You try it and you taste it, if you feels good keep going until you feel that you should stop buying scout players. Or you might benefit from it and keep doing so and make great achievement, who knows?

    But if you play on mobile, you might be able to see something called recommended players that selected by your assistant manager. There are always 3 players with their past games stats so that you can check their ratings and their forms, goals, etc... You only need to spend tokens without any cash to buy these players and among them the one costs most tokens is a fast trainer. If you play on PC, you won't see this for sure. These players are not scout players but they could be better choices; again it depends, not everyone can see this option on mobile.

    Overall, you really have to try by yourself, all of us can give you our opinions but you will feel that we are all correct or all wrong. Personally I bought scout players before, if I remember correctly I bought 4 of them and it was half and half in terms of quality, so 50% successful rate to me. I know others have either higher or lower rate but it doesn't matter, because no one has 100% successful rate.

    Good luck and welcome!

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    I am wondering whether or not I should buy a scout player for aroun 50 tokens. Would you recommend it or not and why. Thanks!
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    I have not bought a scout player before because i never felt it was worth it considering there was never one good available enough for me to throw tokens in, the cost-return is just too high. That being said, if you play on mobile and come across the recommended tabs, take a very good look at them as well. It might be more worth it over scouts, as the youngest one has more room to grow than scouts.

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    I'd recommend a good 4* squad than a good scout. Let me tell you I've never bought any scouts, thanks to shortage of tokens. Why I say this?

    1. Waste of tokens. If you can afford, buy very expensive players in the market. On level 4 these type of players' value would be around 5M and Season wage will be about 120K.
    2. Football isn't a one man game, a good team wins titles.
    3. Get four 4* or even 5* defenders in the market, if you're lucky you can get them at a token apiece.
    4. If he does show up to be poor, you'll be in regret that why I bought him for 69T!
    5. Are you Level 4? If yes, and really want a good player, go to negotiations list and select a young player. Offer 20T if you have. Deal done in 50T. 19T less than a scout.

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    i think it worth, cause at least you can keep him for two to three season, and he will be always on the top (star) player~
    fist time i got a 24 year old keeper, works good for two season, only in this season, seem dropped~
    i got a 24 year old ST with one on one skill and a 22 year old DMC with free-kick last season, both work good (especial the DMC, score many free kick~ ST, not bad at all compare my other 21 year old ST from the action market, both train to 6 star)
    DMC in this season, all 9 games, only have 1 rate 7, one game rate 9 and all 8~ ST 6 game total, goal 2~
    this season, i got a 26 year old AMR with free-kick skill, still working good~ in 5 league game, man of match 3 times, goals 7, assist 1, Champions league 3 games, goals 2, man of match 1, Cup game 2, goal 1

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    Hm, let's just say if you are willing to fork out real cash (why, oh why anybody would want to do this is beyond me) you'll find they're hit or miss just like the Pistolero said and probably most exerienced players, too. Then I'd go with Teda and look for quality x4/x9 to squeeze the most possible seasons out of him.

    No idea about this mobile feature. Will this be introduced for PC play, or are we at a permanent disadvantage playing from our desktops?

    However, if you want to play/keep playing for free, there can only be one answer: NEVER spend any tokens on scout players.
    - their purchase translates to something like 15-25 tokens for that player per season. With only 35 at your disposal, you'd be able to maintain a squad of less than 3 (!) players.
    - from the minute they’re in your squad, they start slowing the team’s average development in comparison with regular decent players
    - they don’t perform well enough to justify the cost in both tokens and coins
    - they won’t be of any use for more than 2-3 seasons max unless you spend even more

    My exerience with scout players has been somewhat patchy, but overall I don't believe they're worth it - far too expensive.