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Thread: GoalKeeper & Red Card unreal

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    GoalKeeper & Red Card unreal

    2 pics showcase to explain

    GoalKeeper & Red Card unreal-img_2558.jpg
    as guest, 30 shots 13 on target, won 1 red card, be saved 8.. goals 1 in freekick, means 4 on frame?

    GoalKeeper & Red Card unreal-0cfa57ba-7cc8-4971-9837-22d163501342.jpg
    as host, 21 shots 13 on target, won 1 red card, be save 8.. goals 2 in freekick and 1on1, means 3 on frame?

    two different opponents, the unlucky situation should not happen twice
    I am feeling since this season, the goalkeeper saving is promoted.
    the red card led to 10 vs 11 seems not to much effect than real match.

    the above 2 is there any bros feeling same with me? or what is the point for the internal programming theoretic?
    or something setting wrong with my team?(4-5-1v, defense, flank, long, own-half, zone, force-counter)
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    Was he live? I'm sure there was a bug where the keeper would get injured or sent off and by default wouldn't concede goals.