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Thread: Best way to train players

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    Best way to train players

    Hello to everyone!

    I was thinking, what's the best way to distribuite points to the players? It's the best way to keep all balanced, with a max difference of 5 points? (For example, a DC with 75 def, 75 fis and mental, and 70 attack).

    I train DC only in def and fis/mental and ST in att and fis/mental. Is that the right way? Also, how you train wingers?

    Good luck in the new season to all!

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    That depends on your play style... If you focus on defence, maybe increase those, attack then increase those. And if you're Arsene Wenger keep Physical 10Q higher than rest

    Jokes aside, I feel fullbacks need a .4Q more for physical compared to attack amd .2Q more for defence compared to attack. If you prefer to counter, maybe train Physical more, since counters need speed. If you play 4-2-3-1 more, then maybe you can focus on defensive attributes of the MCs since it's worthless to field DMCs. Increase the attack and physical attributes of your wingers, they are a must in your lineup and lately have been scoring a lot of goals. For DCs and GKs you may opt to have less attacking points, and focus on their defence the most. But don't have a difference of more than 2Q between highest and lowest. So maybe a DC has DEF 41 ATT 39 PHY 40. In the mobile version all cones are auto assigned so tick all in such a scenario. Training only a particular skill is not recommended; strikers do defend and defenders do score goals.
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    Goalkeepers and defenders I keep defensive and P&M level, but higher than attacking; strikers and attacking midfielders I keep attacking and P&M level but higher than defensive; central midfielders I keep everything level, with emphasis on improving defensive first; wingers level, but if dual role then prioritise their secondary characteristic (eg DM- defensive, if AM- attacking).
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    It's difficult to tell. I have a left winger/attacking mid who was an assist machine and he had low defence, high attack, decent physical.

    I think it depends on your style. I'm starting to think although attack attributes is important for an attacking mid for example, I think physical stats are very important for high pressing as your main choice but it wouldn't be so important if you play a defensive style, defence stats would be important for your CMs.
    Does all that make sense?

    To be more clear, for an attacking formation which require a lot of strength fitness etc etc I would train physical + attack for offensive players and physical + defence for defensive players.

    If I sway more to a defensive formation then physical and defense would rule over every player but strikers.

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    i keep MC in balance....cause they do all attack and defense
    DC, main den and mental...they are usually 10 point higher attack (i still put attack, because they need to pass and dribbling the ball forward, right?)
    ST~ both attack and mental~ cause ST are main in attack...(and they need speed and creativity )
    wingers like the ST, but i will put some defense....since did not have DL/DR or DML/ my AMR/AML need to defense also~ the hardest one (i don't know why the keeper skill is same as all position...) but i main put in defense and mental....
    but still i don't know why keeper need creativity....and heading...... i just want to know how my keeper can creativity send the ball...or when he need to head the ball... inside the box =.=~
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