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Thread: Is it true that the result of a match is pre-determined?

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    Is it true that the result of a match is pre-determined?

    I posted the same thread in "Tutorials and Guides" already, just want to get a quick answer.
    I am a new player here, only have played for less than a week. I bought a lot of strong players from the tradeing post somehow and the team rate is 20 with 5 stars. However, the results of every match are not so good as expected. All my opponents are much weaker than my team with 12-13 rating points, but I only won with 1 to 2 goal difference and got 4 draw games totally ( 2 draws in league, 2 draws in friendly, and all against weak teams). I tried to watch every single match and did what the assistant suggested ( Or maybe I didn't really understand what he meant like he said my defence line is weak while I used 2 4-star and 2 5-star defenders with hard pressing style and normal tackle level).
    In those 4 draws, I missed 1 friendly, and the rest 3 were highly similar: I firstly goaled and winning in the most time, 70% ball possession, and the opponents always goaled and made the match tie at the very last minutes. I checked all player forms after game and most of them were 7.
    I was using 4-3-1-2 form for my team, attacking style, passing through mid, mixed passing style, no counter attack, no offside trap, hard pressing, man-to-man, normal tackle.
    Can someone give me advices about this problem? Thanks.

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    Is it true that the result of a match is pre-determined?-hahaha.jpg

    This happens, all the time. I have a lot of draws this season too
    There is nothing wrong with your strategy or line-up, it's just bad luck and you have to deal with it.

    But eventually things will go fine, may be a rough start, but in the end of the season, stronger teams will get higher rank.

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    4-3-2-1 is 2DC 1 DL,DR 1MC, ML, MR , 2AMC, 1ST? or 2DC 1 DL,DR ; 3MC, 1AMR,AML, 1ST?

    man to man some how i think that is not good... even the best player in the world made mistake~ so...if man to man~ even you have the best (quality) player...when you player loss the ball.. and it may hurt~

    rating 7...i will think that your player is playing just normal...cause i believe 6.6 - 7.4~ the rating are still in "7" after the match~ so, you have the read the actual rating~ like i have a young DC/DL, his rating always 7...but actual rating is 6.7-6.8 in almost all game.... and i am not playing him in major game cause most of the time, he suck~ just i don't want to waste token to get a new player, so i put him as sub~

    and i feel your problem, my season 2 also like that, i am the strong team in all 14 team...but i couldn't win the game...and finally very hard to get a 6th =.=! i think...just bad luck...cause 3,4,5,6...i won those league title (and also 1) think about Chelsea FC right now~ and...this is football...

    btw, .assistant suggested LOL~ i ignore him...he is stupid~and sometime like a spy~~ you can see other posts talking about him~ haha

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    Your team is very high quality at level 1. Quality is no longer your concern right now.

    I believe that you have not yet understand your players after acquiring a lot of new players in short period. Now you have to identify some consistent players, and then regularly use them as core players. These players are not necessary the highest quality players in your team.

    You may find some high quality players very badly performs now. Give them some time. Bench them for several matches. They may eventually become consistent good players in future. Probably you have not yet find a suitable formation for your players and for your team.

    You still lack experience after playing several days. You need time to learn how to play.