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Thread: Heavy Artillery!

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    Red face Heavy Artillery!

    It is a common thing in all seasons AML and AMR always be with good numbers, now my ST also decided to score some goals!

    Someone with a good amount of goals?

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    My first team...AMR (6 stars quality 57) score more than ST + AML (all 7 stars, quality 61)
    but my sub AML (only 5 stars, quality 53)...score every time i put him on the field...League 9 matches 9 goals, CL 9 match 15 all games..

    my first team AMR, league 27 matches, 29 goal, CL 10 match 12 goal. CUP 6 match 4 goals~
    my first team AML ,league 26 matches, 18 goal, CL 7 match 6 goal. CUP 7 match 2 goals~

    ST (6 stars, quality 57)??? LOL league 36 matches, 15 goal, CL 10 match 1 goal. CUP 4 match 1 goals~

    and if only counting in this season
    my AMR (12 matches) and the sub AML (6 matches) both have 10 goals... but AMR has 6 assist while AML only has 3
    my first AML (11 matches) only have 4 goal with 2 assists

    ST?? lol 3 goal in 9 matches, no assists
    my another ST (quality 61) from recommend player...13 match 5 goals and 5 assists
    another one ST (quality 60, just got, recommend player) 3 match 2 goal 1 assists...

    anyone has ST position...just doesn't score as much as those doesn't=.= (my first team AML can play AML/ST)
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    My Top 4 goal scorer...

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    I guess I've been relying on Lewis a bit too much...
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