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Thread: Wondering about something

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    Wondering about something

    Hey, I am just thinking about is the older player more probable to get injured? What do you think?
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    Haha The young ones are more likely to get injured in real football but in top eleven everyone is the same whether old or young
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    From what I know no and it should not doesn't matter in a game.
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    haha~ not really, but mostly when you want a player to injury....he won't but those you don't want them to be injury they always do....( i force train a player until 0% health...he won't injury....but any other one...just did a normal train... just 1...he injury 9 days=.=!
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    When I still had old players in my roster, I was still in low levels and players could be easily be replaced. So I always tried to sell them.

    I'm sorry that I actually have no answer to your question.