i think the drawing system, especially the CUP, have to be remodel. Many people try to lower the team quality at the end of the season and get a easier CUP in next season. I think either use the average team quality of the season (like... adding up the daily quality and the divided by 28, or should be more random from +-2 LV) if not, those always stay on the top of the their LV, will always meet the stronger team...like LV7 facing the LV11...and those high LV can always be easier to gain back their quality...like i am in LV7...quality 63 is the max so far i can get even with the fast trainer.. (except having unlimit green pack or token)....but LV11? the first day of the CUP...he is around my quality...and right now...he is 78.6 quality in his first team...(hello... even i use "personal trainer for 1680 token for a player... my max is only to 74....he is 78.6 average...)
.... well... quality is not always win...but Q 78 VS Q62... that look like a grade 12 student VS grade 9~ this gave him a huge advantage...and it is very not fair at all... however, if this is a random drawing (not counting quality, like the real world), that will be fair... but now is kind of "cheating" draw...very not fair~