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Thread: Season 75 - Are you ready?

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    Day 16 - Palace teams report.

    Palace Terriers played away at the team just above them in the League, inflicted a first League defeat on them. Another injury...

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-hl-round-14.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-ms-round-14.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-pr-round-14.jpg

    Palace Casuals were at home, and managed to keep a clean sheet in an evenly-matched encounter.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-league-hl-round-14.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-league-ms-round-14.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-league-pr-round-14.jpg
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    Two easy wins in a row (4-1, 4-0)! I may have finally found the way up. Only 7 points behind 7th place.

    First two goals today by my DC and DMC with blue arrows.

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    Nothing special this season, I 'm staying in the same league as previous season, so only the Cup is a bit challenge for me
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-cup-1-11-0-7.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-cup-1-13-2nd-game-1.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-cup-1-23-w-2-1.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-cup-1-25-1-1.jpg
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    Cup game finished 2-0 at home.

    I'm happy with the 2 goal lead and I'm happy I didn't concede an away goal but in terms of quality we really should of won by more goals. Escobar scored then Tebily from a freekick.

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    League round 14

    A good game from us. Oppenent didn't make a chance. We controled the whole match.

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    Atlético Kolkata Day 16 Report

    Winless for 6 games in league now after a 0-0 away against the 2nd. That really hurts my title chances, and now a 4th team is in the race:
    The point is very simple: win all or go home.
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    Finally we had 3 wins in the league. We climbed up to 6th place and faced the leader of the league yesterday. Max bonus, morale, stamina, etc... Couldn't attend the match though. I checked after the game and we lost again with 4-3 (first game same score). The match was equal but again luck was not on my side Still in 6th place but if I had won yesterday the gap with the number would have been only 3 points, now it is 8 points grrrrrr. Facing number 4 today.

    Also the red pack monster is back. In both teams the injury storm is raging again. Both teams are down 60 red packs. Zzzzzzz.
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    Won lge game @ home 2-0
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    This season not so good for my team, lol

    Out from Cup (1/16 round), 2nd at League with 8 points gap with #1, but go thru CL QF with 6-1 aggregate

    My new signing player today (2 SP to 7*), seem promising, play at ST position

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-federico-gemmiti-1.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-federico-gemmiti.jpg
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    Day 17 - Palace teams Champions League report.

    Palace Terriers completed their expected qualification for the Quarter-Finals with a 5-0 home 2nd Leg win, going forward 9-0 on aggregate. Left-winger Nikolay Radev led the way with a well-taken hat-trick...

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s08-champ-hl-t16-2.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-champ-ms-t16-2.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-champ-pr-t16-2.jpg

    ...meanwhile, in their home 2nd Leg match, Palace Casuals paid the price for lack of discipline and an unexpectedly benign forward line, conceding from the penalty spot and a direct free-kick. Final score 0-2, Casuals exit the Champions League 0-5 on aggregate.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-champ-hl-t16-2.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-champ-ms-t16-2.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-champ-pr-t16-2.jpg
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