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Thread: Bidding on a player

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    Bidding on a player

    Earlier today I was in a bidding war,
    It ended with me paying £4.2 million more than I had in my account. Now my account shows -£4.2 million.
    How is this possible as I thought the transfer would be void lol.

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    I have no experienced this before. But as I remember, you have 7 days to repay the debt. If you failed to repay, T11 will force to sell some of your players.

    You may sell unused players through auction, "sell now" to agents, or convert tokens to cash to get the cash needed.
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    you have 7 day to pay the debut...if not, system will force you to sell the most expensive player....

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    I did not know you could do this. This is handy!

    I noticed that the game (at least the iOS app) does not allow be to start bidding if I don't have the money for the initial bid.

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    This can happen, example, you put more than 1 bid on player, lets say you have 25M on your bank, and you put 2 bids on player @20M ea, since player price lower than your balance then you can put bid on both player, and if you win both player then your balance will minus, 25M - 20M - 20M = minus 15M, and you must clear your minus in 7 days before system sell your highest price player to cover your debt.

    Another scenario, you only bid 1 player, but stuck in bidding war which increase player price, your balance will minus if player price > your balance after you win that war.

    If you balance lower than player price then you can't put bid.

    As long as your balance higher than player price then you can put many bid on player, your balance minus or not after auction end then depend on how many player you won, you still take that player but your balance will minus.


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    Yeah it's handy to bid early if you have the tokens to cover you can always sel later to make up the shortfall.
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