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Thread: Noob question ... first of many I'm sure.

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    Noob question ... first of many I'm sure.

    Ok I just got started - and I'm loving it.
    I do have my fair share of questions... here's one...

    So the seasons are 28 days it seems.

    • Does everyone play same 28 days?
    • If so: what happens if someone gets stared in the middle of the season?
    • if not: how can all the various seasons out there in parallel find enough other players to fill out the cup competition?

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    Everyone plays the same season - if you start in the middle of the season you get team that has played however many days into that season, along with the results, etc. So you could start with a team at the bottom of the League after 14 days (e.g.).

    I started with Palace Casuals 13 days into season, in 10th place. Managed to get them up to 2nd place at the end of the season.
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    Wow then I got really lucky to download and start in time for Day one.

    Thanks for the Reply!

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    Yeah when I first started it was with 8 days left in the season with a midtable club and I missed out on CL the next season. Use the search function on here to search for any questions you have regarding the game. There is an ocean of information here
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    first time when i install the game....that is day 13...and my team in 8th position in LV1...but in the last day....i won the title XD