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Thread: A funny thing happened in transfer market

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    Did you sign with them immediately ?
    I mean, did you have 3 empty positions in your team ?
    I do not recall. Does it matter? If I did not have free spots, I made them available within a few hours. I think I had frees posts. Are you saying if I had two free spots, but bought three players, the two who got signed immediately had their salary adjusted, and the one who had to sit unsigned for a while did not?

    Quote Originally Posted by HoofDaddy View Post
    The third never had any sp added to his stats (maybe to another position or sa), the other two did.
    That's what I was thinking, but they are all of the same age and the same level. How do you picture players A and B being born at Q44 (say) with salary of 40K, training up to Q49 within their first contract, being sold to me and having their salary adjusted to 300K and the player C being generated at Q49 also with a salary of 40K? Isn't initial salary pretty much determined by the initial Q? It may not be a one-to-one but how can it be off by a factor of 8?
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    rare nordgen or high token academy player, most likely. Player c may have not had his SP applied onto until his 3rd season where the other two may have been in their 2nd season when they received sp. Player c may have started at Q45 and never gained a star level either. It's the upgrade of star level that affects the wages most drastically.
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    well... i don't think in age 24,25 you still can train them very fast...even they are the fast trainer....
    i always get my fast trainer in age of 18-19...20 maybe....but seem in 21 -22... they slow down~
    in age 23...they already slow ...and i won't waste green pack on them...(they become my branch or even I sell them~

    and i think you can see how many match they played so that you can have a idea how long they stay with the team... i don't really focus only state...because they may not play well in one team, doesn't mean they won't play well in your team. it depends~

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