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Thread: transfers

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    why the hell does justin singh keep bidding on every player i have ill stop playing top eleven if this BS does not stop months this is going on he is a clown full stop i've changed my players names to insulting names using his name but he still cant get the message I WONT SELL ANY PLAYER TO HIM and his cheap 0 token offers

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    let him suffer all 24hours every time
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    Lol when you let the troll know he is bothering you, the troll wins
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    I thought this was pretty random/psychotic behavior (OP) until it happened to me. Someone made the same lowball 0T offer on one of my best second tier player four times in a row. Each time I countered at 2T because the player in question has not seen action in probably 20 matches and I would not mind selling him. And I made the bidder "suffer" by letting his offer linger for 24 hrs. Only I don't think he was suffering as much as I was. When a player is in negotiations I cannot train him or dope him (my starting player got suspended and my 3rd stringer got injured so I had to play this guy and his morale was down from being on the bench for so long). In the end this was getting so annoying that I started considering selling just to get rid of the guy (the bidder, not the player). Which is exactly what he wanted.

    Fortunately, someone else came in with a 2T offer. I countered at 3T just to make sure I'm doing my job, but will take the offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fer Osio View Post

    Player position: DC-DMC
    Player special ability: -
    Player age: 24
    Player quality: 54
    Team: FC Gallo

    Someone clever figured out how to figure out what server you are on:
    I add this link in case anyone wants to list that with their player.
    In case you are looking for negotiation offer through showing your players here, I am sorry that I am afraid this method is very inefficient. It is not easy to meet players in same servers and similar league levels with your team. Moreover, it is not easy to sell level 7 five star players through negotiation as level is not high that players are numerous. If you still want to do so. I suggest you also mention your team level (again?). This can more easily to catch relevant managers' attention.

    In case, you want to help fellow managers in same server with you to get good players. I still think they are not worth to buy your players through negotiations. Those fellow managers can directly choose your players if you put them in auction. But if you tell them when you will put them in auction, this may help them.

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    I'm sorry Hammerstone but we can't block one player because he is "trolling" you.

    Just ignore him, is the best thing you can do and for sure after a time he will gave up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    let him suffer all 24hours every time
    but now if someone offer, you can't train the player.....i just got one (is in my friend list...) keeps trying to sign one of my sub... this morning...since, 0 token...i reject.....right away 3 tokens...and cause me error when i try to train the player.... and then...i reject and click the training faster....and my player gets 6 star.... lol i won... he can't offer anymore....cause he is LV as me~LOL