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Thread: Player Ratings

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    Player Ratings

    I've researched my last few games and it seems that if your player ratings remain quite low in the first 25 minutes, you're probably not going to win.
    I battered the opposition today who was much weaker, but lost 2-0. My players couldn't hit a barn door. Ratings at 90 minutes around 6/7, but were 5/6 after 25 minutes. Previous games against equal or stronger teams, player ratings around 7/8 after 25 minutes, I win the game with final ratings 8/9.
    Comments welcome.

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    Red face Players rating

    Nah,I have also played many matches but sometimes my player get 6/7 rating at start but when some scores or dominate opponent it inrease to 8/10.I have proof also.Players can score at last minutes also see this

    Player Ratings-sssss.jpg

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    I had a game a while back where my defenders ratings were low so I tried something risky and subbed off a defender for a striker and went 3w-5-2v and all the ratings sorted themselves out almost straight away.

    I do agree comparison of ratings are an indicator to how the game turns out.

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    Check the game when it is starting. If you see a lot of reds for the numbers then prepare yourself. Most of the times it will turn out for the worse. Stuff like swapping people infield or making substitutions or changing arrows often do not help. If I see a DC with a 5,7 rating I will substitute him. The fresh player starts with a 6,5 will most of the times drop to 5,7 within 2-5 play minutes.

    Is it always like that? No. Propably to give you a feel that you made some good changes. Or that you are managing well. I am in a season now where I cannot do anything right. I have lost and tied already as much as the former 2 seasons together (feels like it, last 6 games were 3 ties and 3 losses, zzzzz).
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