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Thread: Claim your skill point BEFORE you sell the player

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    Claim your skill point BEFORE you sell the player

    Has anyone else ever noticed that when you claim your gifted skill point, it nearly always goes to the player you just put on the transfer list?

    1 wasted skill point, unless he goes unsold of course.
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    Nordeus really has it in for you!

    No, I have not noticed. But I always notice and cringe when the gifted SP goes to the "wrong" player. Who the wrong players are is for me to know and for Nordeus to guess, and I do occasionally sell them, so it is possible that Nordeus gifts SPs to the players most in need of improvement?
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    My gift SPs usually go to (one of) the player(s) in the squad that is (are) on the injury list...
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    mine are totally random
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    Very boring but yeah, mine appear to be completely random too.

    There is one player I really want to get cones - the one I power train the most - and he seems to "win" 1 or 2 cones throughout the season, which is pretty consistent with what I would expect from a squad of 20 players.

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    It never goes to the one u want
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