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    Desktop new version: loading times are too high

    The new version takes forever. I log in with facebook, it takes at least 45 seconds for the game to load.

    That's way too much. Every time I log in it takes almost a full minute for the site to load. And even then it takes forever after I click on something for the game to respond.

    I'm running a PC with 8Gb RAM and no programs on except my browser, so low memory shouldn't be a problem.

    Loading times were always a problem with Top 11, but this is ridiculous. Please fix it.
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    Hi Jack,

    The first time you access the new Top Eleven for browser, it will take more time as it has to download some resources. Loading time will go back to normal from then on for any future time you open Top Eleven.

    If it is taking 45 seconds every time, please do the following:

    - Update your graphic card drivers
    - Update your browser to latest version
    - Clean your browser's cache memory and cookies
    - Restart and reopen the browser. Open Top Eleven.
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