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    Hi all,

    Am looking for some advice, if anyone can spare a couple of minutes. Am level 32 and love this game, despite the many limitations. Got a couple of queries, however:

    1) With the new training update, it seems I can no longer power-train my of my main enjoyments was to collect lots of health packs and maintain a 9* player. It would take 500-600 per season (assuming a promotion), but this seems to have disappeared now. You can train a 8* player, but they will gain nothing, even though the condition deteriorates. Is there any way to do this with the new training update, that anyone has seen?
    I can go on IE and use the old platform at the moment, but I don't know how long that will last.

    2) Tanking. With the finances so tight, and competition at the higher levels, I can find no good reason to get promoted unless I qualify for the CL. Therefore, I have found myself tanking-something which I have been opposed to in the past. This way I have a competitive team every other season. I simply can't compete on my first season at the higher level, as the majority of teams have already been there at least 1 season (sometimes 2) and their team is far better. I'm all for farming a few tokens, but I can't keep up with needing an entirely new scout-level squad every season!
    Plus, when not in the CL (and once out of the Cup) I can reduce the size of the squad and keep a better handle on finances with a league season. I need the CL money to stop my finances from falling through the floor if I have a full squad.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1) Many players noticed that players growth is slower and harder to define. We don't know anymore how different growth rate is between 2 players. We also don't know how to continue new position or SA training. I still play older version because I like it more and because new one significantly slows down my PC.
    2) My teams do tanking without trying to do it LOL. One season they play really good and finish in the top 4, next season they are really bad (this one has such start for my main team which is last seasons champion). My other team Dnipro had bad luck in last 2 seasons, finished 7th in both last seasons which in my opinion is the worst position in the league. When my team repeats season, then I don't have to change line-up, I usually don't buy new players for next season or I buy only few (significantly less than when I got promotion).
    Ex top eleven player