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Thread: Is power-training gone?

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    Is power-training gone?

    Hey folks,

    I'm not really enjoying the game with the latest update so far. I don't like the percentage system and the training system as well.

    What bothers me even more - Is power-training gone right now?

    I tried to train a single player to get him into the negotiations system several times. He got only 2x 1% bonus in some of his attributes. Maybe I'm wrong here, but this is nearly nothing, isn't it?

    Did anyone train a player an additional ability or position since the update? How long does it take to do this? I don't want to waste my green packs.
    Before, in the old version, you could train a special ability on a young player within a few minutes and a price of about 30-40 green packs.

    I thought I understand the new training system, but maybe I'm not really.

    Please share your opinions!

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    You still can do power train single player use old version

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    I tried some training today, teaching Aerial Defense SA to a newly bought DC-DL. He got 5/50 while spending 4 green packs.

    Same for my reserve GK, He's about to level up, I spent 6 green packs and he got from 63.6-65.6 to 63.8-65-8, while doing solo training (I didn' care about the bonus), mainly physical and goalkeeper training.

    Please be aware that also if you don't get any notification of gain during training, you are actually gaining some small amount. In 2 different drills I didn't get any notification, despite noticing a 0.1 point gain in the skills tab.

    I still think we need a progress bar for an easier check, but I don't think it's bad. It needs some practice and of course more tweaks from Nordeus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Sjarifudin View Post
    You still can do power train single player use old version

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    but that maybe only in short term...