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Thread: GK stats change?!

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    GK stats change?!

    Can someone please tell me how to interpret the new % crap? Why bother putting in the occasional skill point amount?

    I am still trying to adapt my excel spreadsheet to deal with the new %, but I just cant get the proper formula to deal with the increase in levels.

    I understand that 20% is needed to go from 5* to 6*, and that each level is 4%, 135 to 136 = 4%, 136 to 137 = 4% etc.

    but I used to have this:

    It would tell me how many skill points to the next levels. Looking to do that again with the % but having issues with conversion from % to points. There has to be a better way. They still look to be using those numbers but dont show it.

    Sorry for the title as I originally started a post about how they leveled out the stats on all my GKS so they were even, but they didnt say they were changing the GK so that they had their own stats now and my GK would have been odd with my old stats.

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    I wish they'd just remove the %, it's very confusing.
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