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Thread: Newbie Stress

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    Newbie Stress

    Please how do I get tokens without buying them? And the buildings take too long to complete. What can I do to enjoy this game?

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    And the building doesn't add much effects to the game

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    First of, you get token with TV rights, usually 1 a day, or 2 every 4 days if you choose "Extra for dedication" which is still the most convenient. Or there are "free" offers which can give you a lot of tokens by just watching videos or completing surveys or installing software. Depending on the country you live in you can get some decent offers, I luckily got 2 surveys for 54 tokens each last week, and then they disappeared. So don't give up hopes

    Buildings take some time, usually from 3 days and up to 20 or so. You can speed up building using tokes, but I never felt the need. Actually the training ground and the medical structures do actually affect a lot because they give you green and red packs for free every few days, so you can rack up some by doing nothing. The utilites gives you money during home matches.
    When you first start the game they don't seem to give a lot, but it's mostly proportional. When you level up you will gain more money from utilities and more packs from other structures. At level 11 I now get 7 green packs every 4 days from the training ground

    The only useless structure in my opinion is the youth academy, because at start it takes around a full season to give a 2* free player and 4* star player that is in fact very expensive.

    It may seem a slow game of patience, and in fact is, because you slowly build your team
    Don't give up early, I played for free from the start and I still don't regret it.
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    I hate building facilities. So I understand why you are unhappy.

    In angle of vendor, if you do not spend time or money on beginning of the game, you will unlikely be a loyal player and will easily give up to play.

    I never paid cash on this game. But I don't think it is too much money to buy token in order to bypass the building stage if you are impatience. You may consider.

    In fact, I don't think you need good facilities to compete in low levels. In my experience, even if my team was in injury crisis and needed to use weird formation, the team could still win most matches.

    As I remember, I just needed to click a few click to complete the building work in every 4 or more days, I don't feel it was too time consuming. Sending and receiving gifts are more time consuming.

    If you worry about making wrong decisions on priority on building, personally I don't think it is too important. Putting high priority on obtaining more gate receipt can be a simple good strategy. Certainly you can study and enjoy making better decision on priority. Anyway, I recommend you never stop building.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jude Nzube Akonam View Post
    Please how do I get tokens without buying them? And the buildings take too long to complete. What can I do to enjoy this game?

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    Get from contracts as suggested by @Tytyl. You should be able to compete with even a 2* team in the Level 2 or 3, so don't waste tokens on 5* young players. Rather go for 5* old players (28+). You'll get them easily for 1T and cheap price.
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