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Thread: New training: skill pts per green pack ratio

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    New training: skill pts per green pack ratio

    Hi all, first post here, but I've been a lurker in the forums for a few months. I appreciate the tips and guides I've found here.

    Has anyone done calculations on power training with the new training system? Looking for a general skill points earned per green pack ratio. Or have you found that certain combinations of drills were more effective than a simple % of player condition used?

    Under the old training model, progress slowed down considerably after reaching scout level so I didn't bother power training much after my players reached six stars. It would take me 1-2 packs to earn one sp and I didn't have green packs to burn. Now, it seems that progress isn't slowed down nearly as much for expensive young players, so I was able to power train up to 8 stars for the first time.

    I'm a level 7 manager who plays only on mobile and tablet, so I never had the hard training option.

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    well...i think it somehow still slows down a little bit....
    my 7 stars player (under 21 yrs old) are all fast trainer... but sometime in training only gain max the same time, my 18 yrs old ST and MC (got them this season) can get up to 7% from training... also... my 6 star ST (age 19) after the new training system already gain from Q65 to Q69 (119% already...which is very close to Q70...7 star ) but my all 7 stars players... so far just reach to Q72~
    Also, all my first team are all 7 star before the new system...and played 90% of the matches so far in this season...and my sub some are 5 star and 6 star .... and I always train my full team (all 22 players) at the same time... so the 7 star not only gaining from the training but also most of the match...while my sub team only gaining from the training...but my ST Q 65 one still gaining faster than my 7 star
    so, that can prove after reaching 7 star...they still slow down...even not as slow as before, but still...they slow down from gaining skill...