Ok so some testing with numbers has given me an understanding of the new system

In a nutshell, all they did was increase the number you need to reach the next level of Quality (112Q to 113Q) from 15 SP(Skill Points) to 60 PP(Percentage Points). As a result, the number you need to reach the next Title (Scout, WorldClass, Legendary etc) goes from 75 SP to 300 PP.

All this worrying about a new formula for my spreadsheet and after all the testing, all I have to do is change my numbers from the old SP to the new PP and it all works the same. Still, its a bit of a change but so be it as it works for me now.

What I now have an issue with is: do we gain PP at a slower/same/faster rate than in the old version with SP?

Based on what my main team did today: 22 players got a total of 319 PP for an avg of 14.5. If you divide 14.5 by 4, you get ~3.6 SP in the old version, which is a good day for a medium trainer. One player got 31 PP today and that would be ~7.75 SP which is a good day for a fast trainer...I think...without power training.

I only had 4 other players in the 25 PP range (23,23,24,27) and the rest(16, [17 but 1 was injured]) averaged 12 PP or 3 SP. At 3 SP per day, my team would gain a * by the end of the season and then lose it by advancing. But if I was tanking, not a bad average...a bit slower than I like but acceptable.

Does any of this make sense?

What I found is that every PP is worth ~0.067% of a your players Percentage Rating.

60 PP is worth 4%, so you would go from 120/145Q to 124/146Q.

300 PP is worth 20%, so you would go from 120/145Q to 140/150Q and in my case go from World Class(7*) to Superstar (8*).

Of course, some people may already know this, but for people that have not bothered to do the math and are curious...here ya go.

Maybe some people can post what they typically get each day in terms of PP. I am curious if fast trainers still exist in this version.