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Thread: Blue packs/morale boosters

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    Blue packs/morale boosters

    I'm quite enjoying this new training regime and format but I've a huge problem with the need for blue packs.
    Under the old style I was using them when needed, making sure the team were all at max, and still being able to build up a collection.
    In this new style, doesn't matter what happens, I'm having to use far more than i collect.
    Today for example i missed watching the CL semi-final but I won it anyway. When I clicked on my team they now need 17 blue packs for the morale to be fully boosted!!!!!
    I go into every game with 'Superb' preparation, I'm in the final of both Cups and have just won the league, the training is always 'perfect' according to the assistant manager, yet the blue packs seem to just leak through my fingers!
    Anyone else have the same problem?

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    I've noticed the same behavior, morale is lowering faster than before. I've also seen a player with a down arrow getting a rating of 10.0 and getting an almost high arrow though.
    Usually if they get a 7.0 is not enough to actually boost their morale, they have to play great
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    You are right

    This is not understood anyway , how can a team winning almost every game and being in top of your league or even top 4 then just see your players not motivated engouh after every game?

    I have read some people saying its only aganist weaker opponents but it is not true even aganist your direct opponents you dont see your players motivated engouh

    Talking about winning bonus to motivate them is a waste of money and dont work since I have used it in cup final and same motivation to use the blue packs but fortunately managed to win !!!!

    Your power to win titles if you have good team and tactics in this game is:
    1/ using packs(rest,morale and treatments)
    2/Training to keep your bonus always high in the new system
    3/save tokens to bid for the players you want

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    All 3 players I substituted last game had a decrease in morale.
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    Right my player's morale is decreasing fast as I have 74 morale boosters last season's end now only 14 I think very fast I am fed up ....
    If a player wants to play t11 without in app-purchase
    He can't he have to buy morale and treatment(because as far as I seen constantly my 4 players is a row got injured 3 of them are top players and for what time you know More than 12 days each all my treatment got exhausted)

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    So that's me had to add another 12 rest packs to get the team to full, and that's after winning the Cup final and winning a league game 7-0.
    Got another league game coming up, see what happens.