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Thread: about favorite word ?

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    about favorite word ?

    i have notice the word favorite appears at the corner of my team and some times for the other team.. sometimes none

    my Q is

    could it appear to both ?

    how can i make it to appears always?

    and what is the benefits i got when it is there ? like bonuses ?

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    All it means is the team listed as "Favorite" seems more likely to win by the numbers, what determines it I think is quality mostly but I wouldn't say previous form and training have nothing to do with it, because I haven't paid enough attention to figure that out.

    Basically if you want to be favorite have the highest quality team.
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    I've previously noticed it when my starting XI Quality is more than 2.0 greater than my opponent - but this afternoon I was 3.6 greater than my CL opponent but I was not 'Favorite' - perhaps there's other criteria that it looks at as well...
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