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Thread: I'm a newbie. (Experiment)

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    I'm a newbie. (Experiment)

    Hello. I'm new here, I'm currently downloading the game right now.

    If anyone was interested, I'm going to let anybody help me out throughout the process of success. I'm going to constantly post screenshots of my team, formations, whatever and let's see if a majority of you guys can all work together and raise an amazing team by giving me advice. I'll listen to you all.
    That's if anyone is interested what so ever, you probably won't be.

    It's worth a shot though right. Several different members all with opinions. Let's see what happens.

    I'll post results and stuff and credit the help.

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    Or try and do it yourself ?
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    In the early levels the game is mostly about money management and getting the most for your in game cash. Unless you plan on buying tokens don't try to bid on the young expensive players at peak times as you will more often than not get into bidding wars. Don't waste time with even building an academy until late in your 2nd season as the players you get from it are useless until you hit lvl 5-6 or so. Upgrade your pitch stadium and parking in that order and dont worry much about the concession revenue until you have a 10k seat stadium. Try to buy 4 quality players, 1 GK, ST, MC, and DC, and keep your quality as low as you can. Prioritize cup games over league if you aren't scrapping for promotion. Don't use win bonuses in the league unless you are 5th to 8th place or playing teams that might knock you out of the top 4. Getting into CL games is a high priority as you automatically get paid for each group stage game regardless of win or loss.

    I won't be managing your club for you but I encourage you to sift through this place and glean whatever useful info you can find. Or you could always listen to your asst manager in game, i heard he's full of hot tips.
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    Real success comes from inside!
    This game is very easy to play if you have any experience of football dictionary.If not then we are here to help you.
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