Here another of my ideas that could be added to the game. This option is available in the old version but we could improve it with some new options as shown in the picture

*When choosing a tactic could ask the game to select players with better conditions or better quality
*Another thing that could be done is that, when selecting a tactic, the players we have in our cast would be replaced according to the tactic, for example, I use the tactics 4 4 2 where I have ML and MR, but I would play with 4 1 2 1 2 using DMC and AMC, when selecting another tactic, players who do not have the tactic position would be replaced by players who play in the chosen positions.

But if you do not have the players for all positions?
The game will send an alert stating that the tactic can not be chosen because you do not have the players for all positions.

*Another thing that could be done, it's you create your own tactics and save to use when you want

Sorry for my English, I hope you understood something!

Tactics - another idea-forum.jpg