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Thread: What are you auction bidding strategies?

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    - I 'm trying to buy players in a "quite" hour.
    In my server and area (eastern Europe), it's 05.00 am GMT, where most of my western European competitors are sleeping.
    - I have a premium emblem and jersey (not nec. official), to show some "strong" profile
    - I 'm buying from the old version, where I can check the profile of my opponents (tittles, achievements)
    If I see two managers- opponents with a very strong profile, I walk away after 2-3 rounds
    - I bid the 2nd second of every round steadily, to show my determination about a player I want
    Easiest opponent, noobies who bid twice in a round (last second snipe)
    Worst opponent, morons who bid the last second of every round even if I have already bid once
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    Sometimes I bid my last one or two tokens really early to make my opponents believe I'm willing to take it all the way. Sometimes it works.
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    My bidding strategies varies depending on current situation of the auction market. But I always limit no. of tokens. In the past, my teams usually own 0-40 tokens only. So I will limit the maximum tokens that I spent for each option to 2, or occasionally 3 only.

    Before I bid, I will observe the no. of active users in market, I will guess those managers who have already bid is still present or not (where they are, how long from their last bid, ,,,,,,), I will guess if they prefer placing last second bid or earlier bid, I will guess if they have plenty of tokens (in other words, token rich or poor), I will guess how many tokens they like to spend, I will guess the positions of players that those managers wants, I will guess if they have already got the players they want in completed options, I will guess if the large number of bid made have already scared off some managers, I will guess if I can scare off potential enemy of bidding war through placing an early bid, I will guess if I can steal the auction through a last second bid, etc.

    After considering many many factors as mentioned above, I will decide if I will bid, and then when I should place my bid.
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    Get players like this for 3T and power train the poop out of them

    What are you auction bidding strategies?-campo.jpg
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    I bid early in the morning around 6am-7am (west africa time zone)GMT +1. 3tokens per player. I go for old players when I desperately need a player and I get them for a token. 12noon is also a good time for me.

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    I have non, and nothing pisses me off more than losing auctions.
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    My strategy is nothing but not to buy any players from real players.I used to buy for my teams the nordgens whoever is almost scout level regardless of age.Of course for short term purpose.They usually appear at about 10:30am to 12:30pm (GMT +6:30) that is when I can easily check TM and pick my favourites.I never need to use more than 2 tokens for a player yet and I am 35T manager for my 2 teams.
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    724 the end of week don't need to flight for in actions.....but yes.. only 2 weeks left... but if you planning for a team for a long run...that is the good way.....(like me...i plan my team since LV 5/6 (age 18/19).... i still have mostly of the players in my team LV10 ...and now they are age 23/24).... this way...i can save token in several season (this season...i sell two players...but yet...not buying one in action yet...i just spend 1 token last night...but that i went to bed and lost the action LOL ....which i was bidding on a DC...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_insider View Post
    I have non, and nothing pisses me off more than losing auctions.
    Token buyer? You're not allowed to post in this thread
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